• Conference: 3rd APCCE+5th APCE(Korea)
  • Venue: Jeju 2005
  • Host: Kyung Saeng Boo (Korea)
  • President: Keng-Hong Tan (Malaysia)
  • Vice President: Kyung Saeng Boo (Korea)
  • Secretary: Ritsuo Nishida (Japan)
  • Treasurer: Eric B. Jang (USA)

10th APACE President 2017-2019 Junji Takabayashi (Japan)

  • Conference: 6th APCCE (China)
  • Venue: Beijing 2011
  • Host: Yong-Ping Huang & Zhang Zhen (China)
  • President: Eric B. Jang (USA)
  • Vice President: Yong-Ping Huang (China)
  • Secretary: Alex IL'Ichev (Australia)
  • Treasurer: Junwei Jerry Zhu (USA)

8th APACE President 2013-2015 Alex Il'ichev (Australia)

1st APACE President 1997-1999 Kenji MORI (Japan)

5th APACE President 2007-2009 Ritsuo NISHIDA (Japan)

  • Conference: 11th APACE (Malaysia)
  • Venue: Putrajaya, Malysia 2021
  • Host: Alvin Hee (Malaysia)
  • President: Guirong Wang (China)
  • Vice President: Alvin Hee (Malaysia)
  • Secretary: Yonggen Lou (China)
  • Treasurer: Dangsheng Liang (United States)
  • Conference: 10th APACE (China)
  • Venue: Hangzhou, China 2019
  • Host: Guirong Wang, Yonggen Lou and Baoyu Han (China)
  • President: Junji Takabayashi (Japan)
  • Vice President: Guirong Wang (China)
  • Secretary: Alvin Hee (Malaysia)
  • Treasurer: Qinghe Zhang (United States)

Our work speaks for itself. We focus on making you happy because your satisfaction is key. At Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologists, we are committed to your interests and our honest communication will never lead you astray. We’re not afraid of your questions or concerns, so if you have an issue please let us know immediately. It is important to us that you remain confident in your decision to work with Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologists

  • Conference: 5th APCCE (USA)
  • Venue: Hawaii 2009
  • Host: Eric B. Jang (USA)
  • President: Ritsuo Nishida (Japan)
  • Vice President: Eric B. Jang (USA)
  • Secretary: Yong-Ping Huang (China)
  • Treasurer: Alex Il'ichev (Australia)

9th APACE President 2015-2017 Junwei Jerry Zhu (USA)

  • Conference: 8th APCCE (USA)

  • Venue: California 2015

  • Host: Jun-Wei Zhu (USA)

  • President: Alex IL'Ichev (Australia)

  • Vice President: Junwei Jerry Zhu (USA)

  • Secretary: Guirong Wang (China)

  • Treasurer: Junji Takabayashi (Japan)

  • Conference: 4th APCCE (Japan)
  • Venue: Tsukuba 2007
  • Host: Sadahiro Tatsuki
  • Ritsuo Nishida (Japan)
  • President: Kyung Saeng Boo (Korea)
  • Vice President: Ritsuo Nishida (Japan)
  • Secretary: Todd Shelly (USA)
  • Treasurer: Eric B. Jang (USA)


2nd APACE President 1999-2001 Yien-Sing Chow (Taiwan)

4th APACE President 2005-2007 Kyung Saeng Boo (Korea) 

  • Conference: 7th APCCE + 29th ISCE (ICEC2013)
  • Venue: Melbourne 2013
  • Host: Alex IL'Ichev (Australia)
  • President: Yong-Ping Huang (China)
  • Vice President: Alex Il'ichev (Australia)
  • Secretary: Junwei Jerry Zhu (USA)
  • Treasurer: Guirong Wang (China)

7th APACE President 2011-2013 Yongping HUANG (China)

  • Conference:1st APCCE (China)
  • Venue: Shanghai 1999
  • Host: Jiawei Du (China)
  • President: Kenji Mori (Japan)
  • Vice President: Yien-Sing Chow (Taiwan)
  • Secretary: Kyung Saeng Boo (Korea)
  • Treasurer: Shigeru Matsuyama (Japan)

11th APACE President 2019-2021 Guirong Wang (China)

6th APACE President 2009-2011 Eric JANG (USA)

3rd APACE President 2001-2005 Keng-Hong Tan (Malaysia) 

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  • Conference: 2nd APCCE (Malaysia)
  • Venue: Penang 2001
  • Host: Keng-Hong Tan (Malaysia)
  • President: Yien-Sing Chow (Taiwan)
  • Vice President: Jiawei Du (China)
  • Secretary: Yong-Ping Huang (China)
  • Treasurer: Jun-Wei Zhu (China)
  • Conference: 9th APACE + 33rd ISCE (ICE 2017)
  • Venue: Kyoto, Japan 2017
  • Host: Naoki Mori and Junji Takabayashi (Japan)
  • President: Junwei Jerry Zhu (USA)
  • Vice President: Junji Takabayashi (Japan)
  • Seretary: Guirong Wang (China)
  • Treasurer: Qinghe Zhang (United States)

Asia-Pacific Association
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