Obituary by APACE

(Jerry Zhu et al.)

On April 16, 2019, the Chemical Ecology field lost one pioneer and the Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologists (APACE) lost our society founder and our first president, Prof. Kenji Mori (森謙治). Prof. Mori passed away after battling against bile duct cancer in Tokyo, Japan.

Obituary by ISCE

(Wittko Francke)

Professor Kenji Mori was an exemplary ambassador for interdisciplinary research through dedication, inspiration, disciplinary rigor, and human understanding. In many of his more than 1,200 frequently cited publications (research papers, monographs, and review articles) Kenji Mori was single author or the only chemist among biologists. With a proud smile Kenji used to say: “I did it with my own hands”.


Asia-Pacific Association
​of Chemical Ecologists

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