Kyung Saeng Boo

  • Jing Lv (China)
  • Hiroaki Abe (Japan)


  • Takashi Eguchi (Japan)
  • Andrew Gherlanda (Australia)
  • Wataru Hojo (Japan)
  • Suyog Kuwar (Germany)
  • Umar Lubanga (Australia)
  • Shinichiro Murakami (Japan)

Kenji Mori


  • Takuma Iwamatsu (Japan)
  • Shin Tejima (Japan)
  • Mei Yamaguchi (Japan)
  • Wanwan Wang (China)
  • Sachiyo Nailo (Japan)

Ritsuo Nishida

APACE Lifetime Achievement Awards

Keng-Hong Tan

  • Kozue Kurashima (Japan)
  • Takuya Uehara (Japan)
  • Tetsuga Yoshida (Japan)
  • Hsiang-Wei Huang (Taiwan, China)
  • Mao Ye (China)

Jiawei Du



  • Jan E. Bello (USA)
  • Dominic Clarke (UK)
  • Guillaume Coulier (France)
  • Rebecca Neumann (Australia)
  • Daniela Schneider (Germany)
  • Shin Tejima (Japan)

Brief Introduction of 2017 APACE Lifetime Achievement Awardee   The recipients of this year's APACE Lifetime Achievement Awards are Prof. Keng-Hong Tan from Malaysia and Prof. Ritsuo Nishida from Japan. Both of them are no strangers to APACE community, since they both have been founding members of our society. They are also eminent researchers in the field of insect chemical ecology. As team members, Prof. Tan (Fruit fly specialist) and Prof. Nishida (chemist) are renowned for their work in elucidating the century-old enigmatic question on why the male oriental fruit fly is so highly attracted to methyl eugenol. The oriental fruit fly is one of the world's most destructive fruit pest and control of that species has involved the use of methyl eugenol that is a plant secondary compound found in over 480 species of plants including rare and endangered Bulbophyllum orchids. Using behavioral and chemical analyses, both of them have also proven that certain male tephritid flies such as the oriental fruit flies are also pollinators of certain Bulbophyllum orchids. Prof. Nishida also provided an outstanding service to chemical ecology discipline across both Societies (APACE and ISCE), since he served as the past APACE President and ISCE Councilor. 

Both of them will present lectures about their research at the APACE/ISCE Joint Meeting in August, 2017, and receive the APACE Lifetime Achievement Award Medals to recognize their significant contribution to APACE and chemical ecology field.

Asia-Pacific Association
‚Äčof Chemical Ecologists

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